Planning For The ‘What-Ifs’

Preserving Twenty Two Million Dollar Estate

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2009 | Firm News

Proper Estate Planning is case specific as no two persons have the same estate. As such, a “one size fits all” estate plan merely provides false hope of security and is far from proper planning. Whether an estate is small or large, intricate details require proper consideration and implementation to avoid problems in the future. One case early in 2009 demonstrates this point immensely. Gorman Law Group, PLC were approached by an elderly man to have his “trust” reviewed. This trust was full of boiler plate jargon, most of which had nothing to do with this client’s situation. Additionally, upon further analysis, it was determined that the client’s “trust” was greatly insufficient for the assets he had. Having taken almost 6 months to complete, Gorman Law Group, PLC revamped and established a proper plan. Upon Client’s unexpected passing, his children were beyond grateful for the “problem free” transition of assets to them.

An estate is more than a document. Proper planning involves the implementation of serious elements to avoid problems for your loved ones. Whether or not you have a large or small estate, our law firm is here for you.