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Inheritance for Omitted Heirs

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2011 | Firm News

(December 2011) – Gorman Law Group, PLC successfully obtained the rightful inheritance for clients whom were omitted from their parents’ estate plan. The estate plan in this case, drafted by a document preparer, omitted in its entirety two of the testator’s children. Understandably, our clients were dismayed to learn that they were not mentioned in their parent’s wills. Unfortunately, the children who were named tried to exploit this fact in order to increase the amount of their inheritance. Before retaining the firm, the clients were unsuccessful in convincing the other parties that such omission was a mistake and their exploitation of this mistake was not right. Once retained, Gorman Law Group, PLC immediately obtained a freeze on the estate administration and began proceedings to protect the rightful interests of the client. In the end, justice was served when the client received their expected interest in the estate.