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Successfully Representing a Personal Representative Accused of Improper Estate Administration

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2013 | Firm News

July 2013 – Gorman Law Group, PLC has successfully defended a Personal Representative from accusations of improper estate administration from disgruntled heirs. Sometimes, a job well done goes under appreciated and disappointed persons can make life difficult for those entrusted with a given task. This is the danger in being appointed as a Personal Representative of an Estate or as a Trustee of a Trust. In this case, our Client was accused of failing to properly account for estate assets, for unduly influencing the testator and for lacking loyalty to the beneficiaries. After 2 years of defending this matter, the Maricopa County Superior Court ruled in favor of our client absolving him of all accusations. In the end, the contesting heirs were dissolved of all their interest in the estate by being ordered to reimburse the estate for all of the Personal Representatives attorneys’ fees and costs. This case demonstrates the importance of being able to work together during a difficult time.