Planning For The ‘What-Ifs’

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Getting Help With Advance Directives

Estate planning is not just for making decisions for your property after you pass away; it can also benefit you while you are alive. If tragedy should strike in the form of an injury or illness, you may not be able to tell your loved ones your medical wishes. With proper planning and an advance directive, your loved ones will get the answers they need.

At our Glendale office of Gorman Law Group, PLC, we have decades of estate planning experience. We know that proper estate planning means understanding the unique needs of each of our clients, and we are proud to give every one of them the custom-tailored plan they deserve, including advance directives.

How Can An Advance Directive Help You?

When you are going through your end-of-life planning, a health care directive can help you specify health care wishes to medical professionals such as:

  • How long you want to remain on life support
  • If you want to be resuscitated
  • What kind of medications you do not want
  • If you consent to a particular procedure, like amputation
  • If you do not want to be placed on a feeding tube, breathing machine, dialysis or other assisted living machine

It is possible that formally recognizing your wishes may cause issues with family members who would rather you choose other options; not having an advance directive in place can cause many more problems. If your loved ones begin fighting about how to treat you medically, it can cause a lifetime of infighting between them and cost them considerable amounts of money for legal fees to resolve their disputes.

Make Your Voice Heard

If injury or illness should incapacitate you, let an experienced attorney make sure that you are still protecting your best interests. Call us in Arizona at 623-278-6102 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with a lawyer today.