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Taking Care Of Your Loved Ones During Elder Law Disputes

We all want what is best for our loved ones as they enter their golden years. As time goes on, taking care of your parent can become challenging because of any number of disputes. These disputes can become complicated quickly and often require the guidance of a skilled attorney to resolve them in a swift and simple manner.

At Gorman Law Group, PLC, we have been helping Arizona clients with their estate planning and litigation needs for more than 20 years. We will protect the best interests of your elder while pursuing the ideal outcome in your dispute, no matter how complex it may seem.

Guidance Through Any Dispute

Our elderly loved ones often have difficulty standing up for themselves or recognizing when someone is taking advantage of them. As your elder law litigators, we can help you settle disputes such as:

  • Trust litigation: These disputes can challenge the creation of trust on the grounds that it was created through undue influence, fraud or other illegal means. They can also hold a trustee accountable for failing the duties of managing the trust properly.
  • Guardianship litigation: These disputes can challenge someone’s role as a guardian if they are abusing their position and can also contest the current guardian’s role to appoint a new person to take over.
  • Elder law advocation: When our loved ones are being taken advantage of, either through financial abuse, nursing home abuse or another method, it can take strong litigation skills to put a stop to it.

No matter what you may need help with in your elder law issues, a skilled lawyer can assist you in defending your best interests throughout the entire process.

Begin Building Your Litigation Strategy Today

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