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Protecting Your Assets

A difficult economy requires difficult decisions and numerous challenges when it comes to protecting the assets that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. When the real estate market tanked and unemployment reached new highs in the recent economic collapse, many people lost their greatest asset – their homes. The economy has been slow to recover and many homes are still underwater, mortgaged for more than their current market value, where refinancing is not an option. If you’ve found yourself in this precarious position, there may be help for you. This is a time when it is clearly in your best interest to consult a seasoned Phoenix asset protection lawyer to learn about the options that are open to protect your home and other real estate that is in danger.

In Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding area, the attorneys at Gorman Law Group, PLC, will review your situation and evaluate your options for saving your home and other real property from foreclosure, applying creative strategies to help you preserve your assets. Additionally, our Phoenix estate planning lawyers can help you design strategies that can preserve your assets for your heirs after your death.

Bankruptcy Protection And Foreclosure Relief

If you’re living under the threat of foreclosure and are being harassed by creditors, our Phoenix asset protection attorneys can help put a stop to it. When you bring Gorman Law Group, PLC, on board, our legal team will make a minute examination of your total financial picture and identify which strategies are most appropriate in your particular situation. Then we’ll make our recommendations. We apply effective asset protection and debt relief strategies with great success to help our financially-challenged clients weather the economic storm.

Bankruptcy can help you through difficult times when your debt load is clearly unmanageable. It can get the debt collectors off your back and give you an opportunity for a fresh start. We have helped many clients file for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

When foreclosure looms, relief options are available, including renegotiating the terms of your mortgage or gaining lender approval for a deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sale.

Secured And Unsecured Debt Relief

At Gorman Law Group, PLC, your Phoenix asset protection lawyer negotiate with creditors holding unsecured debt and can often negotiate to reduce secured debt, sometimes by persuading a lender to accept a smaller payoff to avoid the risk of losing the full amount of the loan against a property whose value has declined to below the value of the mortgage. Regardless of your particular circumstances, we will work to develop a strategy tailored to meet your needs.

Asset Protection Through Estate Planning

The attorneys at Gorman Law Group, PLC, have many years of experience helping people protect their assets. Proper estate planning can preserve the value of your property so that it can be passed on to the next generation without substantial loss to taxes and fees. In addition to estate planning, we can also represent you in the probate process or in probate litigation if a dispute should arise. Our years of experience and enviable reputation in the legal community make Gorman Law Group, PLC, your first choice in estate planning and administration, asset protection, and elder law matters in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City, Sun City West and the surrounding area.

Call For A Free Consultation With A Phoenix Asset Protection Lawyer

There are ways of protecting your assets, either through estate planning and administration or through debt relief strategies or bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Contact us online or call 623-278-6102 for a free consultation. With five offices in the Phoenix area and evening and weekday appointments available, we are here for your convenience.