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Providing For A Special Needs Family Member

When a child or other member of your family has special needs and depends on you for care and support, your worst fear may be what will happen when you’re no longer there for that person. What will happen when you die or become incapacitated and can no longer provide for a loved one with a disability? You can relieve many of your worries by contacting a compassionate Phoenix special needs trust lawyer at Gorman Law Group, PLC, to set up an appointment to come in and discuss how you can plan for the day when you can no longer care for a person you love who desperately needs you. By establishing a special needs trust which, combined with government assistance, you will be able to provide for your loved one’s needs when you’re gone.

How To Create A Special Needs Trust

For your peace of mind, you need a safe place to keep assets designated for the care of your disabled child or other family members. A special needs trust, also called a supplemental trust, serves that purpose. The trust is protected for the exclusive use of its disabled beneficiary. Once you have created and funded the trust, if it has been set up correctly, the assets in it are untouchable, except to pay for the needs of the beneficiary. You can place funds directly into the trust, rather than paying them directly to the disabled person; it won’t disqualify the beneficiary from income-qualified government assistance programs, such as SSI, food stamps and Medicaid. You can fund the trust throughout your lifetime as well as through your estate and life insurance policies to ensure that funds are continuously available.

Special Needs Attorneys In Phoenix, Arizona

At the Arizona law firm of Gorman Law Group, PLC, our caring and skilled Phoenix estate planning attorneys understand that you have an extra responsibility when a member of your family has special needs because of a permanent physical or mental disability, and we are deeply committed to helping you help the person in need. Our law practice is exclusively devoted to estate planning, probate law and probate litigation, so we are thoroughly familiar with every aspect of trust law, including the creation of special needs trusts. We have helped hundreds of Arizona families to arrange for the uninterrupted lifetime care of their disabled loved ones.

Our Phoenix special needs trust attorneys can also set up create a Miller trust, which is a type of trust that can be set up to protect yourself or a family member who needs to enter a nursing home. As with the special needs trust, a Miller trust reduces the stated income of the trust’s beneficiary, allowing the person to remain eligible for Medicaid benefits while protecting the assets in the trust.

Free Consultation With A Phoenix Special Needs Trust Lawyer

Contact the law offices of Gorman Law Group, PLC, by calling 623-278-6102 today to arrange a free consultation to learn about how to provide for those in your family who have special needs and are unable to provide for themselves. We will ensure that everything is done properly so you can be certain that no matter how long your family member lives after you’re gone, all of his or her needs with be taken care of. We have offices conveniently located in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sun City and Sun City West and offer weekday and evening appointments.