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Skilled Guidance For Your Trusts Needs

One of the core components of estate planning involves wills and trusts, but many people are not aware of how trusts are different than wills. A skilled estate planning attorney will help you understand how trusts can protect your best interests and assist you in setting them up to benefit your unique needs.

At Gorman Law Group, PLC, we have been providing clients throughout Arizona with the estate planning services they deserve. We know how delicate these matters can be, which is why we take our time to understand every client’s needs before developing a custom-tailored plan to help them.

What Sets Trusts Apart

Wills dictate how you want your assets to be distributed and affairs to be resolved after your passing. While you can protect your best interests after your passing with a will in place, there is very little you can do with it while you are still alive.

Thankfully, a trust can grant you the ability to give your trustees the right to possess and manage the assets you give them, and you can also specify the conditions on how and when they receive those assets. This way, you can see your beneficiaries enjoy their inheritance while you are still alive and possibly even avoid some inheritance taxes as well.

Types Of Trusts

Not every trust is right for every estate plan. There are several types of primary trusts that each have different functions, including living trusts for passing on assets while you are alive, testamentary trusts that are created in accordance with your will after your passing, revocable trusts that bypass probate during the asset transfer after your passing, and unalterable irrevocable trusts that do the most to avoid estate taxes.

We can help you create a trust for any of your unique needs, including:

No matter what your unique goals are, you can rest easy knowing that we will help you develop the trusts you need.

Prepare For Tomorrow Today

There is no telling what tomorrow may bring, but we can help you prepare for the worst. If you need to develop a trust you can count on or you just need to update an old one, contact our Glendale office by calling 623-278-6102 or emailing us here to schedule your free initial consultation with a skilled lawyer today.