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Probate And Estate Administration

At Gorman Law Group, PLC, we offer comprehensive probate and estate administration services. Many of our estate planning clients also turn to us to assist when family members die. We can handle everything from probating the will in probate court to working with investment advisers to fund a trust. Whatever your needs are, we have the experience and resources to provide for an easy transition to the heirs. Contact us at Gorman Law Group, PLC, today.

Advising Executors And Trustees

We can act in several capacities during the estate administration and probate processes. We advise the executor, or personal representative, as needed. We take an active role by paying taxes and debts, selling assets and distributing property as directed by the will. If one of us is named in a will or trust instrument, we can act as executors or trustees themselves, managing the assets and carrying out the provisions of the will or trust.

Litigating Probate And Estate Administration Conflicts

We also assist when disputes over the terms of a will or trust arise. We represent individuals and estates in will contests that allege undue influence or some other interference with the testator’s ability to make a will or create a trust. When heirs believe that the executor is not properly carrying out their duties, we can undertake litigation to correct the situation.

The Probate Process

From a person’s passing to the resolution of their estate, there are a lot of steps that need to happen. The probate process typically looks as follows:

  • Opening the decedent’s will (ideally, with an attorney present)
  • Appointing someone as an executor (the will may name someone or the family will have to name someone)
  • Determining all the interested parties of the estate
  • Compiling a list of assets
  • Adding up and settling any debts and liabilities
  • Distributing any assets to the appropriate heirs

Completing these steps can take months or longer, which is something that many of our clients do not have the time or resources to take care of on their own. We have the skill and experience to settle an estate on your behalf in an effective, quick and efficient manner.

Relying On Our Skills And Experience

Whenever is needed for probate and estate administration matters, our network of experts helps maximize the value of property in the estate. The team includes appraisers, tax advisers, investment advisers and real estate brokers, all of whom work to preserve and increase assets in estates and trusts.

For more information about probate and estate administration, contact us at 623-278-6102 to schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled lawyer.