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Legal Help When Fiduciaries Are Accused Of Violations

Executors, trustees, conservators and other fiduciaries involved in estate planning and probate are responsible for complex legal and financial scenarios, often with little preparation or notice. Consequently, accusations and charges against fiduciaries are common.

With offices in Phoenix, Sun City, West Sun City, Surprise and Scottsdale, Arizona, the probate litigation law firm of Gorman Law Group, PLC, has represented many fiduciaries alleged to have incorrectly followed the dictates of wills, trusts and other estate documents. If you need legal help from experienced probate law litigators, we can help.

Have you been accused of breach of fiduciary duty or of mishandling your fiduciary duties regarding a will or trust? Contact attorney Andrew P. Gorman at 623-278-6102. Fiduciaries face many possible accusations. For example, fiduciaries may be accused of making errors relating to accounting, notification, asset distribution, inventorying and acting in the best interest of beneficiaries and other parties. Additionally, fiduciaries may have questions about distributing assets to beneficiaries with substance abuse problems or financial issues.

We can provide experienced, effective and knowledgeable legal help, and routinely work to defend:

Regardless of your situation, we can investigate your claim, build the strongest possible case and present it in hearings, mediation and arbitration. For a no-charge discussion regarding fiduciary representation, contact our office.

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Contact probate attorney Andrew P. Gorman of Gorman Law Group, PLC, for a free initial consultation regarding allegations of breach of fiduciary duty and probate litigation. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover and are available for weekday and evening appointments. To contact one of our lawyers, call 623-278-6102.