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Helping Families Solve Probate And Probate Litigation Challenges

Do you live in another state but need probate or probate litigation legal services in Arizona? Only an attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona can handle the case.

At the law firm of Gorman Law Group, PLC with offices throughout the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sun City areas, we have handled numerous probate-related legal challenges for out-of-state residents. We can help if:

  • You are a beneficiary of real property
  • You have lost a loved one and need legal help in handling the probate process
  • You wish to dispute a will or trust

We Are Experienced In Handling Probate And Litigation In Arizona

Do you think issues relating to competency or undue influence resulted in an unfair or illegal change to a will or trust in Arizona? We have handled hundreds of disputes regarding estates, inheritance and probate in Arizona, including numerous cases involving out-of-state parties.

We can meet with you to learn about your concerns, counsel you as to your options and work to resolve your dispute through mediation, arbitration or litigation. Unlike probate lawyers who only handle estate planning or other transactional work, we are in court every week regarding will, trust and powers-of-attorney disputes and have successfully resolved dozens of disputes on behalf of clients.

Knowledgeable Probate Attorneys

We can also handle the probate process for you following the loss of a loved one. We can work effectively to minimize costs and complete the entire probate process, and can sometimes complete the process without requiring our client to travel to Arizona from another state.

Contact Us

Contact attorney Andrew P. Gorman of Gorman Law Group, PLC, for a free initial consultation regarding out-of-state representation in Arizona. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover and are available for weekday and evening appointments. To contact us, call 623-278-6102.