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Questionable Will Changes

Wills are invaluable legal tools meant to help people designate who will receive their property upon death. Unfortunately, wills can be abused or simply drafted or changed incorrectly, shutting out deserving heirs and beneficiaries and causing confusion and legal conflicts.

At the Phoenix law firm of Gorman Law Group, PLC, our attorneys have almost 20 years of combined legal service in estate planning, probate and will, trust and probate litigation. If you believe that a change to a loved one’s will is legally questionable and you have questions regarding your legal rights, we can help.

Contact attorney Andrew P. Gorman of Gorman Law Group, PLC, for experienced legal help regarding questionable will changes. Call 623-278-6102.

Wills can only be created and changed by adults who are competent and are not victims of undue influence. Legally actionable claims involving questionable will changes often involve:

  • Wills that are changed just days before death, often in a hospital room
  • Wills that are in someone else’s handwriting
  • Wills that were not properly and legally witnessed

We have handled numerous cases involving questionable wills. Once we file the case, we can request that the probate court freeze the distribution of assets until the case is resolved, effectively protecting the property in question. We can then effectively pursue a permanent and fair resolution.

A Recent Case Illustrates Our Effectiveness

We recently represented a client with a same-sex partner. The partner died, and her family had the will changed in the hospital two days before her death, shutting our client out from all inheritances. We were able to show that the testator did not understand the nature of what she was doing, and successfully had all assets in question transferred to our client.

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